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The Good bye Party

Many days have past for Gothica and Tsunami-Girl, but little did they know the North Korean's next plan was in motion. Back in Angel Falls, the girls were framed for a crime they didn't commit, so they had to leave Angel Falls until Dr. Smith would be able to clear their names. The crime they didn't commit was that a military base in Angel Falls was being destroyed by two female hulk-like figures, and according to the mayor he thinks it was Gothica and Tsunami-Girl, so once the two girls heard about what happen, they left without saying good bye to their parents.

U.S.A New Mexico, May, 2013.

Qwen and Yokio were walking through a desert in there muscle forms when all of a sudden they saw a small hotel, where they decided to rest for the night.

"I can't believe what just happened back there. We've only been there for a month, and now we get kicked out of our new home!" yelled Yokio.

"Don't worry," Qwen said. "It's just until Dr. Smith can clear our names, and then we can go back. And when do, we will make sure nothing like that will happen again."

"Oh, this sand is getting hot a little!" Yokio said. Her giant bare feet were starting to burn a little as she walked over sand that was baked by the sun but she is not sopposed to feel anything under feet thats why they are bare footed in the first place which is weird.

"Yeah," Qwen said. "I can't wait to wash my poor feet. Then you can massage them!"

"Only if you do me, too," Yokio said.

Qewn and Yokio had to shrink back in their normal forms in order to rent the rooms, so when they got that over with, they were given the keys to room 9.

They opened the door and it was pitch black in there. They went inside and when they turned on the lights…


A small group of super heroes were in their room, throwing a surprise party. Connie , Lady Liberty, Fantastic Lin , Sean Matthews ,General Bardark , Kimberly and Android 1, and even their parents were there.

"MOM?" said Qewn.

"Papa?" said Yokio.

"I can't believe my daughter is Gothica. I never knew until your teacher, Dr. Smith, told me," said Mrs. Anderson, giving her only daughter a hug. When Mrs. Anderson was done hugging her daughter she looked at what her girl was wearing, and it turned out the rumors were true, but she needed more proof.

"Honey, would you and your friend mind if you show use your muscle forms?" asked Mrs. Anderson.

"Uh, sure," Qwen said. "Are you ready, Yokio?"

"Sure," her friend said. "Stand back!"

Everybody did, and watched in amazement as the two girls started to grow taller and wider. Their arms and legs bulged and got thicker, and their pecs and abs became big and hard. They all watched as the two transformed from average looking young ladies into giants, inflating like balloons, but instead of being round, they were balloons that turned out to be shaped like very muscular super heroes.

"M-my , my baby !" said Mrs. Anderson being very worried about what her daughter has become. However Mr. Nakamura was not surprised. He knew her daughter would follow her mother's foot steps. His wife wanted to do the same thing to herself when she started working on that project but she never got the chance.

"I'm sorry mom , I'm sorry I didn't tell you." said Gothica feeling guilty.  

"Its okay sweetie , I'm just gonna have to accept it. Especially when your on the run from the law." said Mrs. Anderson.

"Thanks mom that means a lot to me but the only I don't get is , what are you all doing here ?" asked Gothica.

"Dr. Smith sent use , and boy douse she know how to locate you guys." said Connie.

"So you know were innocent wright ? asked Tsunami-Girl.

"Yep , and besides you girls are too loyal to do such a crime like that." said Lady liberty.

"Yeah and besides I guess I owe you girls for saving me from Skyscraper. said Connie giving the thumbs up.

"Not to mention you Girls saving me from General Red" said Lin

"Yes and Dr. Smith sent me to give you some cloths for your disguiseses!" said General Bardark. raising the suitcase. "She also said to  make sure too at least not rip all of them."

"And Android-1 is gonna help you across the mexican border." said Kimberly.

Tsunami-Girl and Gothica were surprised , even though they were framed for a false crime they still had friends on their side. "Wow , we only been in Angel-Falls for a mouth and you guys want to help use ?" asked Tsunami-Girl.

"You beat your cocky dick we are !" yield Connie.

"We don't have dicks." said Gothica.

"Oh , by the way Dr. Smith wanted to give you girls these , there stuff to help you make the disguises to help you hide your identity , even I used one of these." said Lady Liberty.

Lady liberty gave them a suit case with a machine inside that can make the plastic masks.

"Trust me , they come in handy." said Lady Liberty. "I almost forgot Dr. Smith told use to tell you to head to south America to europe to Africa to the middle east to Asia all the way to North Korea. She says that you girls need to go there for an important mission."

"Why can't we just take a short cut to Hawaii to Japan all the way to North Korea ?" asked Tsunami-Girl which seems to be the faster way.

"Because didn't you not hear the news ? , The specific ocean is being sealed off so no air planes or bouts can't cross the specific all because of the latest threat the North Koreans made so now you girls are going to have to take the long way around." said Kimberly.

"Well thank you all and-" Gothica was cut off by hearing police sirens outside.

"Yabe ?! ,They found use" said Tsunami-girl saying Oh shit in japanese.

"Girls come with use , I'll be behind you erasing your tracks!!" said General Bardark as he broke a hole in the wall.

"What about our parents ?" asked Gothica worried about her mother.

"Don't worry , Me and Lin will take your mother and Mr. Nakamura back to Angel Falls in one piece." said Lady liberty as she grabbed Mrs. Anderson's hand.

"We'll hold off the police !" said Connie as she and Kimberly and the other went to hold off the copes.

"Girl's lets go !"yield General Bardark.

"Good bye mom." yield Gothica and went with Android-1.

"Not much in the way of strategic thinking, are they?" the Crimson Conservative asked, looking in the direction of the sirens.

"What do you mean?" Sean Matthews asked.

"See that overpass?" Connie asked. "All those cops are coming from just that one direction, down the highway. If someone were to take the overpass down…" Connie said, drawing an enormous revolver from her hip. It was absolutely huge, even for a nine-foot supersoldier like Connie, but Sean still didn't think it was enough to do the job.

"Are you telling me you can take down an overpass with that thing?" he asked, not believing it was possible.

"No, the rounds packed with advanced high-explosives are going to do it," she said as she took aim. The huge gun went off three times, each giant bullet striking the overpass dead center, causing three explosions to send it crashing to the road below.

"Maybe you're not as bad as they say you are," Kimberly said. "At least you waited until no cars were around to do that."

"Still," Sean said with an impressed smile, "a lot of people are going to be late getting home."

The Crimson Conservative smirked and reholstered her weapon. "The point is," she told them, "that Gothica and Tsunami-Girl ain't gonna be goin' home, at least not for a while, and not in handcuffs."

The superheroes looked at each other and nodded, then turned in the direction the girls had gone with Androde-1, and wondered what kinds of adventures Gothica and Tsunami-Girl would be having in the future.
Warning please do not take my OC's without my permission.

Its been a while since I wrote another U.S.A Squade story but I had trouble trying to finish it but I'm finaly done.

:sniff: As you all must know I've gotten band from :iconangel-fallsda:

All becuase one of the Angel Fall members gotten mad at me for useing his character WHICH HE DID GAVE ME PERMISSION , but not showing him the story first before I posted it.

:crazy: Okay I made a mistake , but HE WENT TOO FAR ! He could have told me his problem before he went to :iconteri-minx: and told on me, but NO" he went and told her and got me band for 4 MOUTHS !

I even told him sorry in a calm way and you what he said to me ? He said "Don't talk to me !" :explosion:

Thats what got me really pissed. He is a cry baby , sensitive JERK!!


I'm not gonna say who he is becuase I don't wanna be the bad guy. I tough me and him were friends at first but I was proven wrong. :(

Art done by :iconmiche-san:

I want to thank all the people who help me make this story and also throwing a good bye party for my girls. :D


Thank you :iconjamese82:

Thank you :iconmatthaus85:

Thank you :iconatomskmaster6:

Thank you :iconwillflud: / :iconrinjipantera:

Don't worry , I'll be back in Angel Falls this November. Thats when my banishment is over.
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